Video Production

"If it turns out well, it's a blockbuster; if not, oh well, it's the bloopers!"

In this camp, the protagonists are video making and fun, but most of all - you!
During this week you can try a lot of cool roles! You will be a screenwriter, a director, editor and post-production specialist for the most important purpose: to tell your own story the way you like it best!
In the camp, you can learn about different film genres, learn how to cut videos, and use cool editing techniques and movie tricks such as subtitles or effects.
Create an exciting interview, shoot a crazy good ad and close the week with an awesome party movie! In fact, you can even start the first part of your new vlog in the camp!

We recommend this camp if:
- you love watching videos, and you'd like to be on the other side of the camera
- you want to produce exciting own content
- you haven't attended a video course yet and you haven't been to last year's video camp
- you are at least 10 years old

Suggested age:
10-14 and 15+ (divided into age groups)


  • We provide all the necessary tools for the camp.
  • Prerequisite:
    You don't need any preliminary experience to join the camp!