Minecraft Classic

Everything you love about Minecraft - and more!

One of our most popular camps is the Minecraft Camp, where students get acquainted with the most important sides of the infinite opportunities provided by Redstone, and they build mechanical structures guided by virtual complex circuits. By the end of the camp, they will have built their own interactive adventure course full of redstone-guided traps.

What skills will the kids aquire during the camp?

  • A basic understanding of how engineers think
  • Planning and building of automatic systems
  • Usage of Redstone

What is needed for the camp?

All campers will need a valid Minecraft Java Edition subscription (PC/Mac). If the child doesn't have one, you may buy it here: https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft. Warning! The WINDOWS 10/Android/XBOX/PS4 licenses are not suitable for the camp!

Suggested age:
7-14 years old (divided by age groups)


We recommend the camp for those who know the Minecraft world and who - besides building - would like to get acquainted with the opportunities offered by Redstone or develop their skills.

You don't need any preliminary experience, don't worry, join the camp!