Minecraft Design

Creative world design/planning, Game Design, Redstone

Minecraft has a lot of advantages: not only is it a great experience to play with it, but it also improves the sense of space, as well as teaches you how to divide the various raw materials and use your time most effectively. But did you know that you can enjoy your creative work not only in construction but also in redesigning the Minecraft world?
Tell your own story and create the perfect characters and venues! At the camp, you will learn the basics of creative design and planning, as well as the coolest ways to apply redstone.
Create unique skin for your characters! Dream snowy, foresty or even lava landscapes - this adventure will be just as fantastic as you want!

We recommend this camp if:
- you love Minecraft or if you would like to discover the game,
- I'm interested in drawing, and you like creative challenges,
- you are 7-14 years old.

Suggested age:
7-14 years old


  • For offline camps: The course requires a valid Minecraft Java Edition subscription (PC/Mac). If you don't have one, you can purchase it here: https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft, but pay attention that WINDOWS 10/Android/XBOX/PS4 licenses are NOT acceptable for this course.
  • Prerequisite:
    You don't need any preliminary experience, don't worry, join the camp.