Building and programming LEGO robots

Campers will build from LEGO pieces various fun robots, which are equipped with engines and sensors. The constructed robots are coded by a computer in a visual programming environment. This is how they will get to know the basics of robotics and programming.

What skills will the kids acquire during the camp?

  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Basics of programming
  • Basics of robotics

What is needed for the camp?

We provide everything that is needed for the camp.

Who is this for? Recommended age: 6-9 years

We recommend the camp for anyone who fits in the age group and is interested in LEGO and programming. We also recommend it to our current students (in the right age group) because it would be a new programming environment for them. We do not recommend the camp to those who have been attending a Digital Intro Course where LEGO robots were used.

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