Be an instructor at Logiscool!

Do you know any programming language? Do you have teaching experience? Share your skills in playful, good-spirited lessons to kids who are eager to learn! Let's build the future together!

What we offer

  •    modern work environment
  •    competitive salary
  •    flexible working time
  •    instructor training
  •    work experience at a cool company
  •    cheerful, committed team, cheerful kids :)

We're looking for you if

  •    you have information technology, programming skills or good math knowledge
  •   you love to deal with children, you can easily get along with them
  •   you are accurate and reliable, and are demanding regarding yourself and your work environment
  •    you are a full-time student

Our trainers said

Advantages are:

Creativity is not far from you,

you have experience as an instructor,

have good communication skills,


Our courses run during school season, weekday afternoons and on Saturdays. During summer, we organize summer camps from Mondays to Fridays.

We are currently looking for instructors at our following schools

If you could choose from multiple locations, please send your resume to each school's e-mail address.