Robotics - LEGO

For blackbelt robotics fans!

With intelligent robots from LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, you can build machines and find answers to typical robotics and real engineering challenges.

During the course, you'll learn about different sensors and motors, how to program a robot to sense objects accurately using ultrasonic sensors, and make it follow lines on a field without any mistakes.

But it doesn't stop there! Teach your robot how to play music with color-sensors, or experience true Jedi-power by controlling the EV3 without touching it at all!

Program your robot skillfully, so it can be pass of the most difficult obstacle fields - and your robot will need your help, as the course ends with a fantastic robotics competition! 

Suggested age range:

10-18 years old (divided into age groups)

We recommend this course if:

  • you're curious how to build and program really cool LEGO robots
  • you are 10-18 years old
  • you haven't attended a Logiscool EV3 course yet


We provide all the necessary tools for the course!


You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!

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