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App Creation Workshop
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We're introducing four new exciting workshops into Logiscool's catalog in Spring 2021. Our 3D Design, App Creation, Digital Illustration and Minecraft Modding workshops are offered to different age ranges and deal with different topics to make sure you'll find the right one for your child.

There's a smartphone app for everything in today's digital world. In fact, sometimes we're spoiled with choice when trying to pick the right app. Wouldn't it be great if we could just ignore all those barely-distinguishable options and simply create the app that perfectly matches our needs? During our workshop, children will learn how to make their own apps for both iPhone and Android. Simple mobile games; quotes of the day or applications to help your shopping, workout or diet can be created by your child's hands.

14 – 18 years old
10 x 90 minutes
In-classroom/ Online


group size: 12


250 euros

App Creation Workshop


The workshop will teach students the use of the Thunkable app development platform. Thunkable can help your child create apps that take advantage of a smartphone's abilities: image or sound recognition, or barcode or QR code scanning. They can make a mobile game, a calorie counting app, or anything else they can think of. The workshop will also give your child a taste basic visual programming. By the end of the workshop, they'll be able to develop an app which could even be published on Google Play or App Store. Our App Development workshop will enable your child not only to indulge in their creativity, but even improve others' lives through a really well-made app.

What will your child learn?

How to create apps for Android and iPhone
The basic principles of user-friendly mobile app design
The development of apps that use the phone's own functions and sensors (e.g., calls, sms, gyroscope, camera)
The use of complex functions in their own app (e.g., voice and face recognition, image and text recognition, automated translation)
The use of the Thunkable app development software
Basic programming concepts through visual programming, which will allow them define the behavior of their app

We recommend this workshop if your child:

Is interested in smartphones and apps.

Would like to make better use of new technological devices.

Wishes to create his own apps, but doesn't know how to do it.

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