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Why is programming so important?

For our kids it's natural to use computers, tablets or smartphones. Here they have a chance to learn to use them in a way that will hugely benefit their future.

Algorithmic thinking

Our students learn how to think logically, improving their problem solving skills; they will be at ease seeing through processes, and can even improve their school qualifications.

Digital literacy

Digital literacy is becoming one of the basic skills of the 21st century; our students are not only passive users of technology but are actively transforming it.


Our students learn programming while playing using our experience-based methodology. We allow for creativity: while programming they create by doing what they really like doing.


With us they can create computer games, animations, cool applications and program robots.

Career opportunity

Even if not all our students will become programmers but Logiscool is a perfect "investment" in any workspace - there is a constantly growing need for all kinds of coding knowledge worldwide.

Why Logiscool?

  • We have been teaching programming for 7 years now, more than 110,000 students have enrolled in our courses and holiday camps.
    Both students and their parents say we do it well :)
  • Our own unique platform is suitable to every age and skill level, for kids small and big.
  • We do believe that learning the most important skill of the future can be enjoyable and fun.
  • There more and more students learning programming worldwide. Why would you miss this opportunity?

Camps and courses


We have an increasing number of schools where kids can learn programming in a weekly 90 minutes long class in an inspiring environment from our young teachers using a special methodology and our own platform.

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We organise several very successful camps around different subjects. The kids can immerse themselves in the world of game and application creation, robot programming, web page editing, decoding, or Minecraft. In our week-long and day camps, half a day of programming is followed by outdoor activities and fun.

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