Our autumn coding courses for kids
Free open day
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Our autumn coding courses for kids
Free open day Find courses
Our autumn coding courses for kids
Free open day
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Did your child code before? Now they can try it for free!
Anyone can play computer games, but not everyone has their own game. Bring your child to our free Open Day and let them fall in love with programming. During the interactive Open Day, our instructor helps the kids create their own computer games, which they can play at home and share with their friends. Support your child to become an active creator of the digital world, not just a passive user!
Take a look at the world of Logiscool!
Logiscool offers immediate success and long-term development
Getting started on coding education is very useful already in childhood – our customizable courses are open for all from the age of 7. Our special, modular curriculum is tailored to our students’ age and can support their development for years to come. Our small class sizes and young, enthusiastic trainers provide not only a good atmosphere, but also a guarantee of immediate success and long-term development. Your child’s future starts now, be a responsible parent, and give them the best tool for success!
Prices and Dates

Classroom teaching: One semester includes 17 lessons (90 minutes each), once a week.
The semester fees of CHF 900,--are payable in 3 equal instalments or as a single payment (5% discount). Please check out also our attractive discounts.

Online Courses:  One semester includes 14 lessons in C1 (age group 6th-8th grade) resp. 10 lessons in D1 (age group 9th+ grade), 60 minutes each, once a week.
The semester fees of CHF 580,-- (C1) resp. CHF 390,-- (D1) are payable as a single payment.

Ages 7-18
Groups up to 12 students
Young and enthusiastic trainers
On-site and online course formats

Algorithimic Thinking

Our students learn logical thinking, problem solving and process creation.

Digital Literacy

Our students are not only passive users of the digital world, they can actively shape it.


We give space to creativity, as kids are creating while coding.

We’re looking forward to your child at our autumn coding courses!
We believe that anyone can learn to code. With the help of our uniquely developed education platform, our students learn the basics of this essential knowledge in an easy and playful way. During our fun-based courses, they work on more and more complex projects and create their own computer games where nothing limits their creativity. Already 70,000+ students started to code with us worldwide, why would your child be left out?
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