The Logiscool camps are among the most popular camps for five years now. We offer the widest range of camp themes about the digital world's most interesting challenges - and we're continuously expanding the range of topics.
Our competent teachers and camp leaders and our enthusiastic animators granted a lifelong knowledge, experience for more than 20 000 students.
We encourage everyone to come (again) who wants to be part of a fantastic summer activity!

Coding camps

Digital literacy is the knowledge of the future, therefore we're launching different camps this year that are all about coding. The camps match the kid's age and knowledge level. The smaller kids will use a LEGO-like language with blocks and the older ones will mix the blocks and the text commands.

Robotics camps

In our fast developing world, there are robots literally everywhere. One thing hasn't changed though: humans are programming them. In our robotics camp the kids not only learn programming but they will bring different types of robots to life.

Cool Tools camps

We're surrounded with videos and images on the web. Almost everyone has now a device that can be used to record and share any event. In our Cool Tools camps we not only want to show how to create videos or awesome websites but also how to fill them with useful content.