Junior Designer Camp

Get to know a real designer's everyday life!

All your exercise books are full of your drawings, or are your friends laughing at the memes you've created? Then there may be a Junior Designer, hidden in you!
In this camp, you can try out real life projects: you can experience how a designer's everydaylife is through real assignments. During the camp you will learn how to use professional image editing tools, learn the basics of typography, and we show you how to make a cool presentation.
You can also start building your own brand: we help you design your own logo, and what's more, you will be alble to show your weekly T-shirt or other promotional graphics and other works to the world on your supercool website!

We recommend this camp if:

- you are curious about what makes a good graphic design or a photo,
- you would like to make an amazing website for yourself,
- and you are at least 10 years old.

Suggested age range:
10-14, 15+ years old (divided into age groups)

Bring any device that is capable to make a video with (mobile phone, tablet, gopro, etc.) and a headset!

You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!