Intensive Programming Summer Camp for beginners (15+)

Anybody can code! Give it a try!

In our intensive summer course, you will learn the basics of programming: find out what a variable is and how algorithms work while developing your own games. We've developed our own, unique educational platform: Scoolcode to learn to code easily and playfully.
Programming is a universal key to the future, and it's a lot of fun! Just by learning the basics, a whole new exciting world will open up to you, where you make the rules and can achieve anything you imagine!
During the camp you'll work on increasingly complex projects built on each other, and also take a look how to use a written program language. Come and gain knowledge that will benefit you in all areas of your life! In addition, if you complete this two-week intensive course, you'll be able to continue programming in September at Logiscool immediately as a second semester student.

We recommend this camp if:

- you are interested in the world of programming,
- you would like to develop cool games based on your own ideas,
- you are 15+ years old,
- you haven't been to any Scoolcode coding course before.

Suggested age range:
15+ years old

We provide all the necessary tools for the camp!

You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!