Kodu 3D Game Design - Programming

Create your own magical world!

Microsoft created a visual programming environment specifically designed for children. Let your imagination loose inside KODU and create your own world: build landscapes to your liking in 3D, then populate it with your own heroes!

Dive into the fantastic world of KODU! Come join us on a hunt for turtles, fight next to Rambo against the bad guys, or build the most complex maze you can imagine! In addition, your development will not stop between sessions, as you'll be able to use KODU on your home computer and keep developing your own cool games created in the camp.

Imagine a story, create the characters, and make your dreams come true - in KODU: you write the rules of the game.

Suggested age range:

7-11 years old (divided into age groups) 

Choose this camp if:

  • you would like to create your own worlds and exciting games,
  • you are 7-11 years old,
  • and you haven’t attended a KODU course or summer camp before!


We provide all the necessary tools for this camp!


You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!