Digital Intro Course

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Discover the fascinating world of computers!

In this course you'll learn how computers work, how to use a mouse professionally, the rules for 10 finger typing, and tons of interesting things about internet security. Through exciting, creative tasks and logic games you'll get a taste of basic programming, and understand how a computers thinks. Visit our Digital Intro course and experience entertaining digital adventures!

*The lessons in this course improve fine-motor abilities, direction sensing and following abilities, such as hand-eye coordination; so taking the Digital Intro course also supports school performance for younger students.

Suggested age range:

6-8 years old

We recommend this course if:

  • you are interested in gadgets
  • you would like to use computers with confidence
  • you are 6-8 years old
  • you are past your very first semester of school


We provide all the necessary tools for the course!


You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!

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