More than 250 lessons, from beginners to advanced levels!


More than 250 lessons, from beginners to advanced levels!

Make your own PC games! Programming is a universal key to the future, and it's also tons of fun! A whole new and exciting world will open to you, once you learn the basics. You make all the rules, and then make anything you can imagine!
We have created our own learning platform, Scoolcode, so you can learn to code in an easy, playful way. Lots of animated actors and dynamic backgrounds ensure that nothing will limit your creativity. Our lessons build on each other and get more and more complex. You can acquire knowledge which will help you in every area of your future life!

SCOOLCODE BLOX - Basic, Advanced & Master level

The easiest way to learn the basics is in Blox mode, so every student starts with this. On this platform, you'll make your first programs, animations, and your own cool projects with lego-like program blocks. You'll work in Blox mode for at least 1, and up to 6 semesters, based on your age and your knowledge level. In this mode, you can easily make fun games by using colorful blocks!

SCOOLCODE MIX - Basic, Advanced & Master level

Once you're a confident coder in Blox mode, it's time to learn the basics of text-based coding. In our Scoolcode Mix courses, the acquired knowledge will be used in a new environment, and many new programming elements will be learned. The already familiar Blox will still be available, but alongside you'll also be able to see, interpret, and edit the written code of your programs. All the other coding languages will be easier to learn if you master your skills in Mix mode and with the language used in it (StageScript).

SCOOLCODE TEXT - Classic games

After 2 semesters in Mix mode, it's time to completely leave the Blox behind and start coding only with text. You'll have the opportunity to use your acquired knowledge with more complexity to create projects more like a game developer! In this semester, you'll recreate well-known, retro, arcade, and classic board games in Scoolcode. Classic games take several lessons to complete, and you can work on various projects just like professional game developers. Make dice, logic, or reflex games or dazzle others with your own multiplayer and arcade games!

Age group - 7-18 years old (divided into age groups)

Resources - We take care of all the tools needed for the course

Who do we recommend it to?
We recommend this course if:

  • you are interested in the world of coding,
  • you would like to make cool games based on your own ideas,
  • you are 7 - 18 years old,
  • and you have not attended any of our Scoolcode courses before.

Prerequisite - You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!

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