Creating 3D computer games

Our highly successful summer camp is now available as a course in expanded form!

Our KODU programming course is best suited to lower-grade students. This 3D computer game platform designed for children by Microsoft has the potential to create various games and also to design and program their own worlds and figures. The games students create in Microsoft KODU may be used at home on their own computers.

During the course, students develop their creativity, problem solving and story-telling skills.

What will they learn during the courses?

  • programming basics
  • logical, algorithmic thinking
  • use of the Microsoft Kodu developer environment

Who do we recommend it to? - Recommended age group: 7-11 years (minimum 2nd grade)

We recommend it to anyone who has not yet been in a Logiscool KODU summer camp. No prior knowledge or pre-qualification is required for the course.

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