Video Production

Shooting, editing and creating an own video

One of our most fun camps is now updated and extended to be finally available as a course, too! In this semester kids can learn the basics of video editing, plus gain experience in it. They will be able to plan their own films, shoot a movie both individually and as a team. They will also have the chance to put into practice all the video editing techniques that they've gained knowledge of. Also, they will practice creating subtitles and adding different effects to their own footages.

What will they learn during the course?

  • using the WeVideo video editing tool
  • basics of video editing
  • film theory basics and planning
  • movie genres
  • movie editing techniques
  • subtitling, video effects
  • rules and dangers of sharing videos online

What is necessary for the course?

Everyone needs to have a mobile device (phone, tablet or camera) that is able to record videos, plus an earphone or a headset. Everything else is provided by us.

Who do we recommend it to? - Recommended age group: 10-14 years

For everyone who is interested in video editing and has never been to our Cool Tools Video camp before.

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