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Minecraft Modding Workshop

Our 3D Design, App Creation, Digital Illustration and Minecraft Modding workshops are offered to different age ranges and deal with different topics to make sure you'll find the right one for your child.

Does your child know what would make Minecraft even better? We'll teach them how to mod, and they'll be able to introduce their ideas into the game. One of the secrets behind Minecraft's massive popularity is that it's easily modified, and allows players to tweak it to their personal preferences with a little bit of know-how. Minecraft's modding community is huge and active, and the use of mods opens new horizons in the game. We'll give your child the knowledge to step into the world of modding and change the world of Minecraft as they wish.

11 - 13 years old
6 x 90 minutes
In-classroom/ Online


group size: 12


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Minecraft Modding Workshop


Our workshop teaches students the use of MCreator and Blockbench, programs needed to mod Minecraft. They'll be able to put new things into the game: they can create their own superhero characters, or powerful tools imbued with whatever special abilities they wish. They'll learn how to create their own mods to expand their game, and even to share the changes with their friends. This activity will also introduce them to the basics of programming. The computer game industry is full of designers and programmers who started out by modding games, and found the path to a game creation career through that activity. Maybe one day your child will choose the same career!

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What will your child learn?

Making Minecraft mods through the creation of brand new, unique items and characters, or through the changing of the attributes of preexisting objects
The use of the Blockbench 3D design program to create their own, unique objects
The use of the MCreator modding software to not only give objects unique abilities and behavior, but also to learn the basics of programming
Exporting and using mods

We recommend this workshop if your child:

Loves Minecraft and would like to learn more about it.

Would love to tweak the world of Minecraft to fit their own ideas.

Has an idea about how to make the game even better, but doesn't know how to get started.

Has already attended a Minecraft-themed Logiscool course and would like to learn even more.

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