Zaedno v Chas

Feb 24, 2022
Sofia - Lozenetz

We want to share with you the story of a few children's dreams of becoming programmers. Altough programming is one of the most sought-after professions in Bulgaria at the moment, many students from all over the country never get the opportunity to understand what programming means and how they can become programmers themselves. 🙌🏻We are happy to partner with Teach for Bulgaria this year, helping realize the dream of students from all over Bulgaria:

Uspelite - interview

We are so proud! Our co-founders were invited to meet with Uspelite! Check out their whole interview here:

Logiscool Introduces New Online Coding Program on EtonX

Starting 28 May 2024, Logiscool launches its first self-study program, Coding Games with Python, available globally through the esteemed EtonX platform. The beginner-friendly, innovative course is designed for students aged 13 and up, offering them the skills needed for a successful future in tech. Upon completion, further learning opportunities await at Logiscool.

For enrollment details and more about the program, visit Let's empower the next generation of digital innovators!

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