If your child is interested in robotics: everything you need to know about it

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Sep 27, 2022

Robotics: a field of science that seems to be futuristic, however, it has been part of humanity for almost a century. The first robot was introduced in 1939, at the World’s Fair. In the year 1961, the first industrial robot started to work. The evolution of robotics has been unstoppably accelerating. Therefore a big question is waiting to be answered: does it worth letting children learn robotics?

The answer is definitely yes, the only questions are: where, when, and how? In the frame of an afterschool course or in a holiday camp? Or should robotics become a part of the curriculum? Let's read the facts and form your point of view! 

three girls looking at a lego robot

Robotics: the future’s discipline in the present

Robotics is a multidisciplinary field of science involving IT, electromechanics, and math, and it could apply the knowledge of other scientific segments: physics, biology, medicine, chemistry, etc. Robotics deals with the creation and the improvement of robots: electromechanical devices that can carry out those tasks that are “told” to them through previous computer programming. Robots could act under direct human or computer control, and robots with built-in AI systems can make their own decisions.

And this is already the present! What does the future bring? An even higher level of robotics determines the everyday life of the following generations.

So should you seriously think of the option of a robotics holiday camp or afterschool course for their off-springs? Read further and consider!

two boys with laptop looking at a lego robot

The newest colleagues of humanity: Robots

The term ‘ROBOTS’ belongs to more types of program-controlled electromechanical devices built by experts in robotics. Robots can be categorized by different aspects:

  • Function

  • Mobility

  • Autonomy

  • Application of AI

  • Outfit (humanoid or not humanoid robots)

According to function, the most important types of robots are:

  • Industrial robots

  • Service robots

  • Medical robots

  • Domestic or household robots

  • Space robots

  • Entertainment robots

  • Military robots

  • Hobby and competition robots

The experts of robotics work constantly on improving the quality and skills of robots. The original aim of building robots was to substitute the human labor force in specific, strange, dangerous, monotonous, extreme, and other working situations where super accuracy is required. From this point of view, robotics is one of the greatest milestones in the history of mankind.

Humanity, especially the next generation should learn how to use these new resources to benefit from them instead of causing harm. That’s another significant reason why we should start teaching robotics to children at an early age. Despite its complexity, in a robotics holiday camp, pupils can learn the basics of robotics that could motivate them to deepen their knowledge in this field, even in after-school courses.

boy and girl working on a small robot

Robotics for children

The creativity and fantasy of the youngest are unlimited. That’s what they should preserve to adulthood to be successful in the future. And that’s the core of the holiday camps and after-school courses teaching robotics to children.

Robotics is a challenging discipline requiring giant imagination. Despite its complicated nature, if it has been taught appropriately, robotics can be learned more easily than you could have ever imagined! Robotics can be taught to children in after-school courses, or pupils can be introduced to robotics in holiday camps.

It doesn't matter which way you choose for your kids to learn robotics, here you can find the principal requirements:

  • A playful way of teaching

  • Practice-based “curriculum”

  • “Digestible” portions of learning material

  • Freedom for children’s innovative thoughts

  • Motivating environment for learning robotics (games, competitions)

small girl in pink t-shirt and glasses with a trainer in gray t-shirt looking at a tablet

At Logiscool, the young tutors possess great experiences and knowledge in the field of robotics. Due to their age, they can see how the children need to feel while learning robotics.

Logiscool created a special and very effective way of educating about robotics, more kinds of holiday camps and an afterschool course is also available in the topic. Also as part of the Digital Discovery curriculum children program robots to better understand coding principles. Logiscool uses LEGO, Cozmo, mBot and Bee Bot robotics products in its education program.

Robots, robotics: they are not just the future, they are already here in the present with us. Today’s parents might be able to avoid getting deeply involved in them, however, their off-springs won’t be able to ignore robots and robotics. To accustom the following generations to this robotized world, the first steps should have been done already today! Come and explore Logiscool’s special fun-based way of teaching robotics in afterschool classes, holiday camps and workshops and get your child set for the future with us! For more information click here: www.logiscool.com