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We are the leading pioneers in coding, artificial intelligence and digital literacy education for kids. Our experience, our methodology and our trainers are the guarantee for successful and fun-based learning for all ages and knowledge levels.

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Experience the power of practice-based learning, where theory comes to life through project creation. This approach yields lasting results and establishes a solid foundation for children's continuous growth and development.

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Dedicated solely to kids - our acclaimed curriculum caters to all ages and proficiency levels. Children effortlessly grasp concepts and revel in a joyful learning experience.

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AI is seamlessly woven into our curriculum, methods, and platforms. We go beyond simply instructing "how to use AI" and "how AI works" — it's ingrained in every lesson, right from the start. As AI evolves swiftly, the fundamental skills to comprehend its mechanics endure.

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Unleash a fresh mindset in kids – our methodology enhances critical thinking, fostering analytical and logical prowess while nurturing creativity and cognitive abilities. These invaluable skills endure, benefiting them both in the present and the future.

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In small groups, children become creators of their own projects. They thrive under the undivided attention of our trainers, while also drawing inspiration from their peers, forging a collaborative atmosphere that fuels their growth.

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Step into a friendly and inspiring atmosphere, where children receive unwavering positive feedback and constant encouragement. This nurturing environment ignites their confidence and fuels their motivation to reach new heights.

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Cool, young, competent instructors – only the best

  • Our trainers are university students with the latest, most up-to-date digital knowledge.
  • Our training is standardized and professional – only competent instructors teach the children
  • Their age and mentality are closer to our students, kids see them as role models

Find the best way of learning with us

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on location

  • Inspiring environment
  • Laptops are provided to everyone
  • In groups or one-on-one
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In groups

  • Small groups to maximize experience
  • Maximum 12 persons in classroom
  • Children inspire each other
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  • In groups (6-8 kids) or one-on-one
  • Easy access from any distance
  • Comfortable and assisted solution
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  • Individual assessment and progress
  • Learning in the kid’s own pace
  • Flexible schedule

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