Modern, fun-based education at Logiscool: digital literacy for kids

Feb 28, 2021

If you’re wondering what to teach your kids to ensure that they acquire useful skills for the future, make sure that you put digital literacy and computer coding at the top of your list.

Whether it's digital literacy or coding, a fun-based approach to education is extremely important when it comes to children. At Logiscool we pay attention to all the critical details within the learning process to build valuable and lifelong skills. Providing a fun and playful atmosphere is a fundamental requirement for getting kids excited about learning.

Fun/based education at Logiscool

Digital literacy translated to kids

Fun-based education

Our fun-based education approach, is a proven effective method for teaching digital literacy and coding to children. It makes it possible for kids to learn in an enjoyable and engaging way through interactive and practice-oriented lessons.

A project-based approach

Our objective is that students go home feeling a sense of joy, having created something cool from each lesson. This gives them something they can be proud of and able to share with their friends and family. The curriculum is split into concise, exciting projects which give constant motivation and age-customized challenges to each and every student while deepening their digital literacy skills.

Collaboration and communication

In our small-group classes, as well as during independent work, kids also maintain relationships and solve problems with the help of their trainers and other students, which strengthens their collaboration and communication skills. These skills will not only help them understand and acquire digital literacy more easily, but they can also benefit from it in many other areas of their lives.

The best curriculum and equipment

We’ve developed our own, world-class education platform based on our fun-based education approach in order to enable kids to learn digital literacy and coding easily and with pleasure. Students build their projects with digital blocks and later they can seamlessly switch to written code through our unique system.

Computer coding helps students shift from being a passive user of digital devices to becoming an active digital creator.

Our 800 lessons of creative, professional, and continuously developed coding curriculum assure that the natural curiosity of kids will turn into a useful and effective learning process.

Well-prepared, young trainers

We have a dynamic team of skillful young trainers from different professional backgrounds, such as programmers, mathematicians, and physicists. Our trainers are all familiar with the digital world and are passionate about sharing knowledge with the next generation. Through careful selection, training, and continuous development we guarantee that our trainers will follow our experiential education method and know exactly how to teach and motivate kids while strengthening their digital literacy skills.

Learning digital literacy in an inspiring environment

Besides fun-based education, we believe that a direct trainer-student relationship, social experience, and numerous practice-oriented tasks will all contribute to the quick development of kids. Our schools have a modern and fun atmosphere where parents are also welcome to share in the joy of their kid's success. Our LIVE online lessons are also performed in an innovative, easy-to-understand, and inspiring environment for children.

We give room for creativity in the digital scene through our community building site, MyLogiscool. Through this channel, Logiscool’s students can participate in entertaining challenges, test their digital literacy knowledge with fun quizzes, and try out each others' projects.

Valuable skills for a successful future

Continuous growth and being open to learning are key to being successful in our modern digital world (and outside of it). Learning digital literacy and coding comes along with many valuable skills which are essential for kids for a prosperous future. At Logiscool, students have the opportunity to try numerous innovative areas such as robotics, video editing, digital graphics, and game design. Different courses and camps can be taken in succession or simultaneously to complement each other, and this way, a fun-based education can be customized to the current interests of the kids.

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