Mom of a little boy, Logiscool Budaörs
My child's knowledge in mathematics has become more stable since attending Logiscool. They're not just randomly pressing keys to shoot things, but actually learning and spending their time productively.

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Happy Easter!
March 30, 2024

We wish you a joyful Easter Holiday and a wonderful spring ahead!

We're really excited to announce something special: Right after the Easter holidays, we'll be starting our free Demo Lessons . This is your chance to dive into a world full of digital creativity and fun with your children – with no strings attached. We'll be announcing the dates soon, so you can secure your spot quickly.

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. They help us tailor our offerings even better to your interests and needs. We're looking forward to getting to know you and discovering together all the possibilities.

Best wishes and see you soon,

Cristina and Alex

Hello Schorndorf!
March 28, 2024

Hello dear parents, welcome to Logiscool Schorndorf! We are Cristina and Alex. As parents of two, we aim to have a proactive role in the digital education of our children. This is exactly why we decided to open a Logiscool in Schorndorf. Here, children can discover the digital world of coding, algorithmics, and robotics in a creative and fun way, under professional adult supervision. Our goal is to inspire children not just to be passive consumers of digital products, but to empower them to understand and create the digital environment around them. Here is our starting curriculum: Online Digital Discovery courses with professional instructors: these courses offer you and your children the opportunity to test our programs from the comfort of your own home. Classroom courses in Schorndorf: we are proud to soon open our doors to all children eager to enhance their digital knowledge—a community of intelligent children who are keen to learn, have fun, be creative, and participate in our projects. We are looking forward to getting to know you soon! Stay tuned for our demo lessons and open days!

December 10, 2022
Our Digital Discovery course is the 'Best New Digital Course'!

Meet our Team!

Hello Schorndorf! 

We are Cristina und Alex – global citizens, parents of two, industry veterans, enthusiastic about new technologies, dreamers and visionaries, discoverers and creators. 

Our working experience in the Industry sums up to 15 years - each of us with different areas of expertise: Alex as a passionate engineer and robotics expert, Cristina with an educational background in Training and Developement. Both of us have worked in different regions of the world with stays in Germany, India or Spain. 

But lets go back to our children. The developmental stages through which they (and us with them along) are passing have inspired us to analyse the needs of a whole new generation of children and the profound digital environment in which they are moving. This brought us to the idea of opening Logiscool in Schorndorf. 

Why Logiscool? Indeed we are grateful for the publich school system here in Germany. Our older son comes home from school each day with new knowledge and creative projects which he proudly shares with us. However we must ackknowledge that the public school system is not able to keep pace with the requirements the new technologies pose on our society and thus directly on us as parents and on our children.  

That is where we aspire to build a bridge between the public school system and the modern technologies. Logiscool is a school of Algorithms and Coding, which enhances the logical and mathematical skills of your children and helps them to understanding robotics and mecathronics, AI and the digital landscape of our modern lives. Of course, we are also having a lot of fun with those topics and children are thrilled to discover how easy coding can be. 

A major target for us was to take our children out from the consumer and passive role in the digital environment and boost their knowledge so that they step into the creator and active role. By giving them the right tools and competencies needed in the virtual world, we enable them to become the creators of content thus being able to control the impact that Social Media and the virtual universe has on their lives. 

The future is in our hands, and those with digital knowledge will have the power to create tomorrow’s world! This is what we aspire for our own children and, of course, for the whole new generation of children that will shape the face of the digital world. 

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