Robotics Camps

Boost STEM Skills Through Fun!

LEGO SPIKE Adventures Camp

For 6-9 years olds
Programming LEGO robots

Improve your kids problem-solving and algorithmic thinking playfully! Kids engage in guided and open projects using LEGO® SPIKE Essential robots, enhancing creativity and inner motivation. Join us for an adventure in learning and innovation!

LEGO WeDo Camp

For 6-9 years olds
Science & Technology Playfully

Every child has a little inventor inside! With WeDo, children get acquainted with basic programming concepts while building LEGO robots that sense and respond to their environment. The youngest ones learn about sensors and motors while programming LEGO crocodiles, airplanes, and boats; they develop their mathematical and 'engineering' skills. Our summer camp merges play and learning, sparking the little ones' interest in science and technology and often having a positive impact on their later academic performance.

LEGO WeDo Future Camp

For 6-9 years olds, 0-3 graders
Introduction to STEM Fields

Kids build and program simple robots using LEGO bricks, sensors, and a programmable hub. The kit comes with a variety of projects and activities that teach basic engineering and coding concepts in a hands-on, interactive way.

LEGO Wedo Space Camp

For 6-9 years olds, 0-3 graders
Discover the Playful Side of Science!

At our camp, kids engage in hands-on activities where they build and program simple robots while exploring fascinating topics like planets and space technology. Through interactive learning experiences, children enhance their logic and problem-solving skills. Plus, they'll enjoy a mix of online and offline games for added fun and excitement.

Cozmo Camp

For 7-10 years olds
Playing and Having Fun

Cozmo is an educational tool, which offers a wide range of interactive features, including facial recognition, expressive emotions and various games. Kids can learn programming concepts and develop computational thinking skills.


For 8-13 years olds
Basics of Robotics and Little Programming

Kids dive into LEGO robot building, problem-solving, and basic coding. Explore robotics concepts like orientation, color recognition, and obstacle navigation. Plus, get ready for exciting robot races! Don't miss out on the fun!


For 9-13 years olds
STEM and Fun unite

LEGO Spike Prime is a versatile educational tool designed to engage students in STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It combines LEGO building elements with easy-to-use hardware and software, allowing students to explore coding, engineering, and problem-solving in a fun and creative way.

LEGO MindStorms EV3 Camp

For 10-14 years olds
Mind the STEM Gap

Mindstorms EV3 is ideal for older students and advanced robotics projects. Kids learn to build and program robots, while exploring sensor capabilities along the way. They'll culminate their learning by navigating a complex obstacle track, utilizing sensors to avoid various obstacles.

mBot Camp

For 10-14 years olds, 3-9 graders
Hands-on Robotics Experience

mBot is designed to be more beginner-friendly and simpler to use compared to Mindstorms. It's aimed at beginner students and who are just getting started with robotics.