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My child's knowledge in mathematics has become more stable since attending Logiscool. They're not just randomly pressing keys to shoot things, but actually learning and spending their time productively.

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Our Digital Discovery course is the 'Best New Digital Course'!
December 10, 2022

We are extremely happy to announce that we have just received our third international award within a year. 😊 Digital Education Awards has given our Digital Discovery course series the title of 'Best New Digital Course'. Thank you to everyone who has followed us on this journey so far- franchise partners, instructors, parents, and children: we are grateful for your continued trust in us!

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Our programming courses will start soon!
October 3, 2022

School is starting soon and with it our programming courses for children. We will start the winter semester in October, when we will open courses for children from 6 to 14 years old. Before the start of the semester, it will be possible to see our premises and curriculum, talk to teachers and school coordinators in person during demonstration classes, which are free of charge. We believe that the children will enjoy the whole semester and that the courses will be fun for them and will develop their natural curiosity and competitiveness.

September 20, 2022

September 5, 2022
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We are the first Logiscool in the east of Slovakia. We meet information systems and technology every day. It will intensify in the future. Our mission is to give children and, trough them, their parents the opportunity to better understand technologies that will affect a large part of their lives. At our courses, children they gain important knowledge in a playful way. Above all, analytical and abstract thinking, creative approach to solving problems, independence and responsibility.

In our opinion, these are the skills that have the potential to bring children more opportunities to be successful. With us, children experience the discovery of their abilities in a fun way, they also make new friends, experiences that will shape their future lives. The courses teach children how to control technology, how to work with it. In the courses, children learn how to use technology correctly, children become aware users who know how to use technology to their advantage.

We believe that investing in knowledge and education is the best decision a parent can make. It has the potential to improve school results and be an important foundation/preparation for life. The demand for people with a positive attitude towards technology is constantly increasing. Likewise, the will of companies to invest in robotization and automation is increasing. Industry 4.0 and the gradual servitization of production will require people who are not afraid of technology and know how to navigate it. This is the new reality for which we want to prepare "our" children in the courses. Children get to know this reality in such a way that it is not a scarecrow for them, on the contrary, so that they can function in it correctly and for a long time, and that they gradually develop skills leading to success.

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