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My child's knowledge in mathematics has become more stable since attending Logiscool. They're not just randomly pressing keys to shoot things, but actually learning and spending their time productively.

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Our Digital Discovery course is the 'Best New Digital Course'!
December 10, 2022

We are extremely happy to announce that we have just received our third international award within a year. 😊 Digital Education Awards has given our Digital Discovery course series the title of 'Best New Digital Course'. Thank you to everyone who has followed us on this journey so far- franchise partners, instructors, parents, and children: we are grateful for your continued trust in us!

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September 20, 2022

We are extremely happy to announce that Logiscool won the European Franchise Awards as the best International Brand. Founders dr Anita Breuer and Gyula Csitári received the honorary award at the gala on September 19 2022 in Brussels. This is a huge recognition of Logiscool’s 8 years of dedicated digital literacy and programming educational work, the core of what made the brand internationally recognized. This dream could not have come true without the contribution of our partners, colleagues, parents and students – a big thanks for all of you for this great success!

Meet our Team!

young people smiling in grey t-shirts in front of a blue logiscool wall

In March 2023 we opened Logiscool Trnava as the 8th branch of the international programming school in Slovakia. We are extremely proud that we managed to bring this successful international programming school to Trnava. Nowadays, technology is available on every corner and will be an integral part of our children's future. That's why we want to prepare your and ours children, teach them how to use the Internet safely, how to protect themselves from cyberbullying and other threats of today's digital age. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for people with a positive attitude towards technology. Already today, many companies are investing in robotics and automation. Industry 4.0 and the gradual servitisation of production will require people who are not afraid of technology and can navigate it.

The main goal of our team for children is to learn and gain knowledge for the latest innovations, to see how interesting the world of programming and modern innovations can be, but we also want them to have fun at the same time. They will gain experience and knowledge to build analytical and abstract thinking skills. We will help them gain a creative approach to problem solving, independence as well as responsibility. We will strive to help them develop their knowledge and enthusiasm for the latest innovations.

Our experienced tutors will teach children to code in a fun way to gain the skills of the future. In addition to gaining new programming knowledge, we want kids to take away a whole new bunch of new experiences from our courses.Our workshops cover topics such as digital illustration, mobile app development or world building in Minecraft. We also organise open days, camps, birthday parties and school field trips.

That we are on the right track is also evidenced by:

  • We have more than 400 happy school children who have participated in our courses, camps, workshops and many other programs.

  • From Minecraft-themed summer camps, to game programming, to various video productions

  • At the workshops, we taught school children to be creative and tried out several digital themes.

Most of all, however, we are proud of our community. Our children learn together, have fun together and play together with friends with similar interests, either in person at Logiscool or virtually on MyLogiscool.

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