We equip your child with the must-have digital skills and logical THINKING to be successful and confident in our rapidly changing world.

Our award winning, unique tool, methodology and years of expertise IS THE GUARANTEE FOR THE BEST EDUCATION.

The Digital Mission 2023 is here!

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Artificial intelligence - how we teach it and why

We are not only teaching in a responsible way how to use AI and how AI works, but AI is also an integrated part of our curriculum and education platform.

Coding and digital courses for ages 6-18

Our fun-based courses are waiting for kids & teens interested in coding and digital creation

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Give a boost to your child's future with us

World-class, certified curriculum

We unlock the world of programming, artificial intelligence and digital literacy for all. Our curriculum features fully gamified, modular, and intelligent lessons, transforming learning into an exciting adventure, using modern tools for coding, video editing, AI and more. Tailored to different age groups, each module paves the perfect path for every learner, ensuring an engaging and fun educational journey.

With our method, becoming an active creator is fun!

We are committed to teach kids the joy of digital literacy. Our methodology is based on our expertise and fully standardized premier teaching. We provide an inspiring environment both online and in-person.

Best platforms to learn digital literacy

Our most loved and unique benefits are the world class, certified educational platforms we use to teach digital literacy. They are engaging and innovative to make the transition between the visual coding blocks to text-based coding easy and fun!

We develop 21st century skills

Kids grow up with digital devices in their hands. But they are still only passive users instead of active creators. Coding teaches kids to think, equips them with analytical thinking and problem solving, it increases their creativity, concentration, and self-confidence.

Kids can create their first computer game for free

Are you interested in getting to know how coding and digital literacy can contribute to your kids’ future success? Try it for free together with your child! Join our free demo lesson online or in person, and while they get familiar with an exciting new world with the help of our trainer, we can also talk about the importance of digital literacy with you. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

What's new


We are extremely happy to announce that we have received our third international award within a year!

January 10, 2023

Digital Education Awards has given our Digital Discovery course series the title of “Best New Digital Course”. By giving recognition to innovative brands that transform education and technology, Digital Education Awards aims to contribute to the growth of the EdTech industry.

A big thank you to everyone who has followed us on this journey so far- franchise partners, instructors, parents, and children: we are grateful for your continued trust in us!

Let all children get familiar with the digital world with the best course available. 😊

Details of Digital Discovery course


Logiscool co-founder, Anita Breuer makes the headline of Business Woman magazine

May 13, 2022

Logiscool’s co-founder and CEO, Anita Breuer has recently been included on the cover of Business Woman. The international magazine aims to highlight female-lead franchise businesses from education, to hospitality and logistics, inspiring women entrepreneurs around the world. In the magazine, Anita discusses the origins of Logiscool, as well as the current and future mission of the organization, bringing digital literacy to as many children as possible. You can read the magazine here: https://www.global-franchise.com/reports/business-women-issue-6

The world's number one coding education platform for learning

Our unique educational platform is developed for easy transition from visual coding to text based programming languages.
blox coding icon

Blox coding

We start coding education with “building blocks”. Our unique visual coding method is always best adjusted to all ages and knowledge levels.

mix coding icon

Mix coding

As a second step, students start writing codes in MIX mode, where they can see both the building blox and the text-based languages in parallel.

text coding icon

Text coding

Once they feel confident to leave the visual blocks behind, we move to text-based programming languages, like Python, Unity, Godot or C#.

Together for digital literacy

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