Adventure Game Creator

The real adventure starts with you

When gaming, have you ever wished that you could decide on the fate of the characters? What about going on your special quest? Now you can them both, and more!

Join our holiday camp and create your own digital adventure game. No coding knowledge is required here. All you will need is your love of gaming and your limitless creativity. You will have to come up with a story, create a fantastic world around it, and fill it with your bravest heroes ready to take on thrilling missions and secret quests.

And when it's all done? Then it's time to start gaming. By the end of the camp, your very own creation can take its place next to the legendary games you love playing with.

This camp is for you if:

  • you're a real storyteller full of great ideas
  • you'd love to create a world where you and your friends can complete fantastic quests together
  • you're older than 10 years old

Suggested age range:
Ages 10-14 and 15+ (divided into age groups)

We provide all the necessary tools for the camp.

You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!