Minecraft Classic

Everything that you love about Minecraft - and even more!

This camp is also available online, in which case children participate in the camp program from home. For more on online camp requirements, please see below. In case your child would like to participate in the online version of this camp, please select the "Logiscool Hungary Online" location option on the application form.

Minecraft is a fantastic world where nothing can limit your imagination!
In one of our most popular camps, you can now look at the depths of the game: You can learn about the endless possibilities offered by the redstone. You can build mechanical structures that can be controlled using virtual compound circuits.
During the camp, you can also try how to hide the treasures effectively in a huge castle. Set traps and protect your hiding places in Logiscool's exciting, renewed Minecraft Classic Camp!

We recommend this camp if:
- you know and love the Minecraft world,
- you want to try out what extra features redstone has to offer in construction,
- 7-14 years old,
- and last year you did not attend this type of Minecraft camp!

Suggested age:
7-14 years old


  • For offline camps: The course requires a valid Minecraft subscription (PC/Mac). If you don't have one, you can purchase it here: https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft, but pay attention that WINDOWS 10/Android/XBOX/PS4 licenses are NOT acceptable for this course.
  • For online camps: Besides the aforementioned Minecraft subscription, to participate in the online camp, kids will need a laptop or a computer at home with a solid internet connection, plus a built-in or external microphone. We recommend having a headset and a web camera too.

You don't need any preliminary experience, don't worry, join the camp!