Minecraft – Mars Mission

Conquer the red planet!

This camp is also available online, in which case children participate in the camp program from home. For more on online camp requirements, please see below. In case your child would like to participate in the online version of this camp, please select the "Logiscool Hungary Online" location option on the application form.

The Logiscool Minecraft camps have been enhanced with a new theme. This time, the destination is Planet Mars!

Explore the exciting possibilities of the redstone and build your own space base. Here, you have to create everything for yourself to survive: use solar panels to power the base, make a food dispenser to get energy, and create special robots to populate the planet.

Not only will you learn a lot about Minecraft, but you'll also expand your knowledge about Mars and space travel. Planet Earth is the past. Are you ready for the most exciting mission of mankind?

Choose this camp if:

- you love playing Minecraft - you would like to know about the extra opportunities the redstone can offer

- you are interested in space travel

- the word Mars means more to you than the caramel chocolate bar

- you're 7-14 years old

Suggested age range:

7-9, 10-14 years olds


  • For offline camps: The course requires a valid Minecraft subscription (PC/Mac). If you don't have one, you can purchase it here: https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft, but pay attention that WINDOWS 10/Android/XBOX/PS4 licenses are NOT acceptable for this course.
  • For online camps: Besides the aforementioned Minecraft subscription, to participate in the online camp, kids will need a laptop or a computer at home with a solid internet connection, plus a built-in or external microphone. We recommend having a headset and a web camera too.


You don't need any prior knowledge, just join us!