The diversity of robotics

Would you like to program a robot that can model the different, useful objects of real life?
This friendly little tool, the mBot with its different, luminous led-lights and exciting sensors will be the perfect partner for your ideas! With the help of the robot you can learn the basic rules of robotics and even get a little taste of programming!
With mBot you can create surprisingly complex and funny things; it can become a digital bicycle light or a cool "air guitar", but it can even disguise itself as a ticking bomb.
If you program it skillfully, this little robot will mix your favorite colors and be able to figure out the way from any labyrinth you just build for him.

We recommend this camp if:

- you are curious about how robots learn,
- you love disassembling and assembling things,
- 10-14 years old,
- you haven't attended a Logiscool mBot course or camp yet.

Suggested age range:
10-14 years old 

We provide all the necessary tools for the camp!

You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!