Where playing with LEGO meets Robotics

LEGO WeDo offers a great way to make your first steps in the amazing world of robotics! In the camp first you will build robots with different sensors and program them through exciting, natural-science projects.
In our opinion, the inventor is there in everybody who is eager to create his/her creative ideas.
Put up the fight against pollution, build self-driving vehicles or even make a smart soccer goal and win the penalty duel!
With motorized LEGO WeDo robots, like adult scientists and engineers you can work on solving real problems, but you can even design your own robots with your friends. It is up to you twhat you build - fun is guaranteed!

Choose this camp if:

- you are 6-9 years old
- you love to play with LEGO
- you are interested in robots and would like to learn to program them too,
- you haven't attended a Logiscool LEGO WeDo course or camp yet.

Suggested age range:
6-9 years old

We provide all the necessary tools for the camp!

You don't need any pre-training, feel free to join us!