Digital Intro

Introduction to digital literacy for kids

Our Digital Intro course is specifically tailored to the needs of the youngest age group so that they can become confident and conscious users of the digital world. During this course, they can learn how computers work and how to use a mouse like a pro, get familiar with the rules of 10-finger typing, and learn about internet security. Through exciting and creative tasks and logical games, they can get a taste of the programming basics and learn how machines think.

This Digital Intro course also supports the school performance of elementary school students as it contributes to the development of fine motor skills, the ability to sense and follow directions, as well as eye-hand coordination.

Suggested age range:

6-8 years old

We recommend this course if your child:

  • is interested in digital gadgets
  • would like to learn how to use the computer and other digital tools more consciously and confidently
  • attends at least in the second semester of the 1st grade in elementary school


  • For in-Logiscool course: We provide all the necessary tools for the course.


Children don't need any pre-training.