250+ lessons for beginners and pros

We believe that anyone can learn to code. With the help of our uniquely developed educational platform, children can acquire the basics of this essential knowledge in an easy and playful way. During our courses, students create computer games and work on more and more complex projects with the help of our dedicated trainers.
Students first work on their projects using visual building blocks, then they gradually switch to well-known written programming languages, such as C# and Python – everyone at their own pace.
If your child is between 7-14 years old, they will start building programs with colorful blocks. If they are between 15-18 years old, they will see the written programming languages side by side the blocks and will actively use the written codes after the first introductory course.

LOGISCOOL LIVE! online, live courses for beginners: If you would like your child to start coding from the comfort and safety of your home, choose the Logiscool LIVE! online beginner's course. For more on the online course requirements, please see below.

SCOOLCODE BLOX - Basic, Advanced, Master level

All our students start coding in BLOX mode where they can build cool games, using colorful digital blocks. This is the easiest way to learn the basics of programming and acquire analytical thinking skills. Depending on their age and knowledge level, students will use this visual programming language for 1-6 semesters.

SCOOLCODE MIX - Basic, Advanced, Master level

After acquiring the programming mindset, our students are ready to meet text-based programming. In the MIX mode, we bring the acquired knowledge to the next level and show them new programming elements and commands. The well-known blocks will stay with the students, but children will also be able to see, interpret, and edit the written codes of their programs. Once they get familiar with this programming language (StageScript) and master their skills in MIX mode, they will be able to learn other programming languages more easily.

SCOOLCODE TEXT - Classic games

After two semesters in MIX mode, our students can leave the blocks behind and start programming only with written codes. They will have the opportunity to use the acquired knowledge to create game developer-focused projects. They will recreate well-known retro and arcade games, and classic board games in Scoolcode. During this course, students work on various connected projects, just like professional game developers.

Suggested age group:

7-18 years old (divided into age groups)

We recommend this course if your child:

  • is interested in the world of programming
  • would like to create cool games based on their own ideas


  • For in-Logiscool course: We provide all the necessary tools for the course.
  • For online course: To participate in the online course, each student will need a laptop or a computer at home with a solid internet connection, plus a built-in or external microphone. We recommend having a headset and a web camera too. The software needed for online communications is provided by us.


Children don't need any pre-training.