Python programming

Introduction to the basics of Python

Is your child already proficient with Scoolcode and interested in giving other programming languages a try? Or have they never been to one of our programming courses, but they're interested in text-based programming? We recommend our new Python course primarily to current and new students who would like to learn an easy-to-use, multifunctional programming language which will later later serve them in their studies or even at a workplace. Python is the best such choice.

Why is it good to program in Python?

  • It's highly usable in and beyond the IT sector in many areas: web, game and app development; data mining and analysis; robotics and machine learning; or even artificial intelligence.
  • It's one of the most popular and most dynamically developed programming languages today.
  • Open source code, which makes it available to everyone for free.
  • Easy to learn, flexible and widely used.
  • Works on multiple operating systems.
  • Used by corporate giants such as Google, Netflix and Spotify.
  • Allows for quick work and a high level of productivity.

Our students will get acquainted with the basics of Python in the first semester of the course, and will take a deeper dive in its advanced concepts in the second. Just like in other Logiscool courses, students will work on exciting projects, but there will be a greater emphasis on independent problem solving and efficient learning. We will also venture beyond game development and show what else can also be developed in Python.

Our students will be able to confidently and independently code in Python by the end of the course, and will even be able to pass PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer exam after an additional practice semester.

Suggested age range:

13-18 years old (divided into age group)

We recommend this course if your child:

  • is already confident with Scoolcode and would like to test themselves in a different developmental environment
  • already has some experience in any programming language or development environment and would like to try the Python programming language
  • would like to learn a widely-used, multifunctional programming language
  • is interested in text-based programming
  • would be happy to deal with topics other than game development


  • For in-Logiscool course: We provide all the necessary tools for the course.
  • For online course:To participate in the online course, each student will need a laptop or a computer at home with a solid internet connection, a built-in or external microphone. We recommend having a headset, a web camera and a Google account as well. Our course teachers will provide information about the necessary free software before the course.


Completing the Mix Advanced module in Scoolcode, which can be redeemed with a Logiscool Entry Test for advanced programming courses.