Robotics - LEGO

Building and programming LEGO robots

We believe that everyone can be an inventor. In this special course, playing with LEGO meets robotics. Our students can discover the realm of robotics in a playful and interactive way: by building LEGO robots. A programmable vehicle or a robot pet? Students can create anything they can imagine.

During this course, we use LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robots – our students can program and control them with the help of visual program blocks. Once the robots are fully functioning, we work together to find answers to typical robotics problems and real engineering challenges. Students get to know the operation of various sensors and motors, and try how to program a robot to accurately detect objects around it with its ultrasonic sensors or to walk through a field without errors. The course ends with a fantastic robotics obstacle race where students can prove what they’ve learnt about programming robots.

Suggested age range:

10-18 years old (divided into age groups)

We recommend this course if your child:

  • loves assembling and disassembling things, and is constantly building their structures
  • is interested in robotics
  • is curious about building and programming LEGO robots
  • hasn’t yet been to our EV3 course


We provide all the necessary tools for the course.


Children don’t need any pre-training.