Video Production

Visual storytelling

During our Video Production course, students get to know the main principles of video content production.

The protagonists of this course are multimedia, creativity, and of course the students themselves. They will be the screenwriters, the directors, the editors, and the post-production specialists during no smaller project than creating their own movies. The most important task is to tell their story the way they like it.

During this course, our students learn about different movie genres, get the gist of cutting and editing videos, and get familiar with the coolest editing techniques and movie tricks, like subtitles and special effects. They can create a dramatic documentary, shoot punchy advertisements, or film vlog episodes about their life – and for even more stunning results, they can even use green screens.

Suggested age range:

10-18 years old (divided into age groups)

We recommend this course if your child:

  • loves watching videos and wants to step onto the other side of the camera
  • is curious about how the green screen and other cool movie tricks work
  • would like to create their own video content
  • hasn’t yet been to our video production course or camp


  • For in-Logiscool course: Every student will need to bring a video device (a smartphone, tablet, GoPro etc.) and earphones with them to every class.
  • For online course: Besides the video device and earphones, to participate in the online course, each student will need a laptop or a computer at home with a solid internet connection, plus a built-in or external microphone. We recommend having a headset and a web camera too. The software needed for online communications is provided by us.


Children don’t need any pre-training.