Logiscool rated ‘excellent’ by an international education certification body

Feb 7, 2022

In January 2022, Logiscool’s curriculum and education platform received ‘Excellent’ rating from one of the most prestigious education certification bodies, the Education Alliance Finland (EAF). It is an organization employing Finnish educators and educational researchers that evaluates international educational enterprises according to a strict set of criteria.

Logiscool co-founder, Anita Breuer makes the headline of Business Woman magazine

Logiscool’s co-founder and CEO, Anita Breuer has recently been included on the cover of Business Woman. The international magazine aims to highlight female-lead franchise businesses from education, to hospitality and logistics, inspiring women entrepreneurs around the world. In the magazine, Anita discusses the origins of Logiscool, as well as the current and future mission of the organization, bringing digital literacy to as many children as possible. You can read the magazine here: https://www.global-franchise.com/reports/business-women-issue-6

New Zealand kids will soon be studying with us

Logiscool has arrived on a new continent again! Our new schools are opening in Hamilton and Ponsonby in New Zealand. Our partner, Zeph Morgan, who is also a language school chain operator, enters the programming adventure with great enthusiasm, to the delight of local children.