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Computer coding is the literacy of tomorrow, yet only a few schools teach it well. Our coding courses help children be skilful and confident in the digital world. No school should miss the opportunity to bring digital literacy education to a next level.







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Edutaining community platform – MyLogiscool

By joining Logiscool, kids receive free and continuous access to our unique edutaining community portal. Here, they can enhance their knowledge in various ways even between classes in a safe and controlled environment. They can find inspiration in their peers' projects, practice what they learnt and develop further while playing with our cool mini quests, high score games, challenges, and quizzes about the actual hot topics of the digital world.

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We develop 21st century skills

Kids grow up with digital devices in their hands. They know how to navigate through them before they can read and write. But they are still only passive users instead of active creators. With learning coding and digital literacy early on kids will get far more than a carrer in computer sciences. Coding teaches kids to think and equips them with analytical thinking, problem solving, it increases their creativity, concentration, and self-confidence.

Digital literacy: lost in translation?

More and more parents are aware that early learning computer science is very important. However, this is not the whole story. We need to teach our children the knowledge and skills they need to become digitally literate. Alongside e-safety and online communication, it involves conscious computer usage, critical information processing and most importantly becoming creative content creators from passive users.
Children should become confident creators in the digital environment.

World number one platform

Our unique educational platform is developed for easy transition from visual coding to text based programming languages.
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Blox coding

We start coding education with “building blocks”. Our unique visual coding method is always best adjusted to all ages and knowledge levels.

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Mix coding

As a second step, students start writing codes in MIX mode, where they can see both the building blox and the text-based languages in parallel.

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Text coding

Once they feel confident to leave the visual blocks behind, we move to text-based programming languages, like Python, Unity, Godot or C#.

Our best in class programming roadmap

1st graders


Visual coding and various digital topics for beginners

Advanced level visual coding projects

to Level 3

The world's no.1 platform for an easy transition from visual to text coding

to Level 4

Logiscool was accredited and rated excellent by EAF

Education Alliance Finland (EAF) is one of the most prestigious education certification bodies in the world.

Why is Logiscool the best choice for you?

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Growing demand
Parents already recognized the importance of digital literacy and coding knowledge and they want their children to learn these skills in school.
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Best for teaching and learning
Modular curriculum for all ages and knowledge levels with a cutting-edge education platform.
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Simple onboarding, easy setup
With our smart lesson plans and education platform it is easy to teach. You can quickly start offering this excellent curriculum in your school.
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Staying ahead of the game
A high quality fun-based, trendy and certified curriculum that make your school more attractive for the kids... and for the parents.

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Administration with our license management system
As part of our package, our tailor-made license management system will help run your daily operation smoothly.
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Easy to teach
Hundreds of smart lesson plans from beginner to advanced level, starting at any age.
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International student community portal
At Logiscool, children have their own edutaining community platform where they can play and learn in a safe digital environment and challenge their creativity.
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Training and support
Professional teacher training and support with Teacher Handbook and proven know-how.

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