Programming Courses

Create. Code. Enjoy.


In our regular programming courses the students create animations, games and applications. As their creations get more and more complex, they hardly even notice having learned a lot about algorithmic thinking and the most important programming tools and principles.

Based on our wide teaching experience we developed our own unique, world-class education platform that can adapt to children's needs of various ages; it can be used for learning from the age of 6 up to adulthood, providing real marketworty knowledge.

The course curriculum consists of modules that support teaching kids of different age groups at different speeds and with age-adapted content – therefore the efficiency of learning is maximized.


While getting introduced to the basics of robotics, our students also learn the skills of using the fundamental programming elements and principles. Beside teaching general coding skills, these courses include curricula applied specifically in robotics. Beside general programming skills the course covers many special robotic topics.

Our students build Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots and solve problems by moving them and racing in mazes.

The principles and thinking methods learned in the course can easily be used in learning any programming language later in their lives.

Digital Intro Course

This introductory course is meant for kids in the first grade who can not read and write (well enough) and/or do not know how to use the keyboard and mouse of the computer. This course serves as a preparation for the actual programming courses and helps the children increase their learning efficiency.

The semester is focused on games that improve keyboard and mouse usage, as well as on building and controlling simple Lego WeDo robots. We introduce the kids to the useful and creative use of computers and they taste later coding through genuine creative work.

In addition to the tangible practical knowledge they develop and improve fine motor skills, direction handling, and hand-eye coordination. As these are components of learning to write, our course can contribute to their progress in the regular school as well.

In addition, our excercises can also improve the children's general attention and performance.

Course Information


Courses start in sync with the school semesters, the next courses will start in September.

Classes are 1,5 hours long (2 x 45 minutes) and are held once a week.
On weekdays the classes start at 15:00 and 16:40, while on Saturdays the starting time is 9:30, 11:10 and on demand in the afternoon as well.


Our programming courses are created for 7-14 years old kids & teens.

Courses are organized in different age groups: 1-2. grade, 3-5. grade, 6-8. grade and 9+ grade. Courses are held in small groups of 8-12 children.


The total fee of the course can be payed in equal monthly installments of HUF 13.000. The amount of a monthly rate is equal independantly of the actual classes held in the given month (holidays, vacation, etc.) The first and the last installment of the given schoolyear can be an exception.

In case of absence we always provide a possibility to make up the missed curriculum.

Discounts & Payments

The monthly installments are to be payed via bank transfer or bank account payment before the first class in the given month.

Returning Logiscool student: 5-10% - depending on the length of learning in Logiscool
Group discount: 10% - in case of registering at least 4 new students
Sibling discount: 10% - for both siblings