Digital Intro Course

Recommended for first grade students

Nowadays, kids are growing up with smart devices in their hands, but what really matters is if they are just passive users or active, creative formers of this digital world. In this course -specifically tailored for the younger age group-, we introduce the children to the practical, creative use of the computer, so they can get an impression of programming through real creative work.

We recommend our Digital Intro Course for first grade students from the second semester of the academic year. The purpose of the course is to teach children the basics of digital literacy and how to develop conscious computer use. The skills and abilities learned here can be a great base for other courses

What will they learn during the courses?

  • website editing basics
  • programming basics
  • keyboard and mouse
  • secure internet basics

The knowledge gained during the semester will greatly contribute to the success of the next semester, both in programming and in school performance. With the help of the tasks of the Digital Intro Course, fine motor skills, directional sensing and homing and hand-eye coordination are developed.

Students (depending on the school) may use different tools – such as Scoolcode, Lego WeDo, Microsoft Kodu or web applications.

Who do we recommend it to?

Every first grader who is interested in the digital world and wants to get acquainted with the basics for programming.