Create your own computer games

During our programming courses, students solve more and more complex tasks while creating interactive animations, games and programs throughout the semesters. Children learn logical, algorithmic thinking and the most important principles of programming naturally with a learning process that offers success quickly.

In order to teach our students at a suitable pace, we developed our own, new, completely unique, world-class education platform, based on many years of educational experience. Scoolcode is more effective than any other previous platforms, both for younger and older kids: it accompanies them from the age of 7 into adulthood and can offer the students real, marketable knowledge.

Our curriculum consists of a series of logic-based modules, providing children with years of learning opportunities. Students in different age groups study modules with different content at a different pace, specifically tailored to them, ensuring skillful use of each element learned. As children progress, more and more new modules become available to them, so our programming courses provide an excellent base for our other courses.

Another remarkable advantage of the Scoolcode platform, compared to other systems, is its unique ability to also educate older students (i.e. over 12 years of age). For the younger generation, after learning the basics of the LEGO-like BLOX (block programming language), Scoolcode can be then switched to a mixed view where, in addition to the colored block commands, students can also view their content and edit their code using a written program language. By using this MIX mode, we gradually introduce our students to the more complex world of text-based programming, providing an easy transition with this unique method.

For different age groups, it differs how many semesters of BLOX before they can progress to MIX, as children learn to program not only at different speeds, but also in different ways.

All of our students have their own Scoolcode account which they can access from home. Scoolcode can also be used by students in their native language.

Thanks to our practice-oriented education, students leave at the end of each lesson with success, as they develop their own, functional computer game in a 90 minute lesson. Using continuous monitoring and teaching common debugging techniques helps students improve their problem solving skills. They experience that coding can be fun and anyone can learn it.

What will they learn during the courses?

  • programming methods and principles
  • logical, algorithmic thinking
  • creative work

Who do we recommend it to?

It is recommended for all students from second grade and on, who are interested in the digital world and who want learn about the world of programming in a playful, creative way. No prior knowledge or pre-qualification is required for the course.