Robotics - mBot

Building and programming mBot robots

According to analysis, workplaces of the future will employ both humans and robots, with humans having to control or solve tasks together with them. Preparing for these tasks can already begin in a playful way during childhood. In this course, students can experience this extremely rapidly evolving technology through building and programming mBot robots.

Robots developed by Makeblock are specifically designed to have friendly tools that bring robotic programming closer to children.

During this half-year course, students learn about the operation of robots and their various sensors and components (infrared, LED, ultrasonic distance meter), then they can create their own programs for the robots. If they succeed in solving an interesting task, robots can compete with each other, overcome obstacles, send messages to each other, or just play music. MBot with it’s instant visual experience and mobile app provide the experience of immediate success for older students.

What will they learn during the course?

  • problem-solving thinking
  • programming basics
  • robotics basics
  • programming mBot robots

Who do we recommend it to? – Recommended age group:10-14 years (min. 5th grade)

This course focuses on upper grade levels, and amongst them it is recommended for students who have been studying for at least one semester at Logiscool and have not been to mBot or mBot Pro Logiscool summer camps.