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The 10-year-old Logiscool is a global expert provider of coding, AI and digital education.
EtonX is a high quality online course provider for 13+ kids

Everybody is talking about how programming is important. Do you want to try it?
Are you interested in digital literacy and programming but don’t want to sign up for a full semester course?
Start your journey with us.
Step 1

On EtonX you can explore the world of coding with Coding games with Python course. This isn't your typical programming class. Here you can discover the basics of Python, the most popular programming language while having fun. At your own pace, anytime you want.

James Stanforth
Computer Science teacher and Director of EtonX at Eton College
Logiscool’s innovative coding platform uses a gamified approach, transforming the learning experience into something truly engaging, enjoyable, and accessible for everyone. Their AI-assistant, trained for coding education, provides effective help to both for students and teachers.
Step 2

Did you like what you have learnt? You can continue your journey with in-class or online courses from all around the globe. Our MIX 311 course picks up exactly where Coding Games with Python left off. You will have more fun, more excitement while you learn more and more complicated games to develop.

Why Logiscool?

Because we have the ultimate coding education methodology, expertise and a lot of fun!

  • Fully gamified smart lessons - learning is full of FUN

  • All courses developed to fit to different age groups to find the perfect path for every student

  • Our curriculum is based on successive modules with detailed and easy-to-follow structure

  • Children learn in their own language

  • Certified coding curriculum and educational platform

How you learn?

Scoolcode - unique coding education platform
  • Award-winning coding education platform, easiest for teaching

  • Optimized for different ages and knowledge levels

  • Special MIX mode: work with visual and Python codes in the same project

  • Built-in AI assistants

  • Safe and secure environment, GDPR compliant

Mylogiscool - community portal for students
  • International edutainment portal

  • Engaging quizzes and challenges for improving analytical, algorithmic and logical skills

  • Quests for testing and practicing

  • Safe and secure environment, GDPR compliant

The Logiscool roadmap

Because you started with EtonX, you join Logiscool already on Level3. Congratulations.

The world's no.1 platform for an easy transition from visual to text coding

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