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Mix 311 Coding Course Overview

Are you ready to take your coding skills to the next level? In this course, we'll guide you from the colorful world of visual coding to the powerful universe of text-based programming, all through real-life game development projects.

You'll start by using the visual blocks you're already familiar with, but soon, you'll be writing your own code just like the pros.

This isn't just about coding; you'll also develop killer life skills like thinking through problems and analyzing solutions - tools that are useful everywhere!

Mix 311 Coding Course
  • after-school, weekly coding lesson
  • 15-17 lessons
  • for ages 13+
  • online, classroom, 1-on-1
  • 24/7 MyLogiscool access
  • inspiration from the international coding community

Mix 311 Coding Adventure Syllabus

Written coding

Editing and creating written commands to program real-world game development projects.

Python-based projects

Getting familiar with Python programming language and its syntaxes in Scoolcode.


Getting familiar with different types of functions (with and without arguments, with or without return value).


Introducing do-while loops and comparing them with while loops; indexing loops and lists.

Physical factors

Learn about some physical factors like gravity or friction.

Soft skills

Enhancing problem-solving and algorithmic thinking, improving self-confidence.

Mix 311 Coding Adventure Course Learning Outcomes
  • You will see, interpret and edit the written code of programs.

  • You will dive deeper into the advanced concepts of programming.

  • You will develop the practical skills to create more advanced Python-based games and programs.

  • You will boost your self-confidence by mastering a highly esteemed digital field.

Your Path to Mastering Programming

After you've gotten comfortable with written code, you can dive deeper into today's most crucial text-based programming languages in the next level. Logiscool's advanced courses cover a wide range of topics including the basics of AI, Lego robotics with Python, game development with Godot and Unity, advanced Python courses, and specialized masterclasses

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