AI and Creator Camps

Kids Dive into Self-Expression!

Digital Illustration Camp for Kids

For 8-10 years olds
From Pencil to Pixel: Explore Modern Art Techniques!

Join us as campers transition from traditional sketching to dynamic digital animation using modern tools like Canva, Pixilart, and Leopoly. Kids will delve into art history, color theory, and engaging group projects, and they will organise an exhibiton for parents at the end of the camp.

Generative AI Camp

For 9-12 years olds
The Hottest AI Tools & Ethical Considerations

Kids will craft prompts with tools like Canva, ChatGPT and Bing for captivating text and images. But there's more - they will delve into AI ethics, and understand how machines think and learn. With our curriculum and access to cutting-edge tools, even adults could enjoy this camp!

Junior Designer Camp

For 10-15+ years olds
Every Brilliant Idea Needs Nice Packaging!

Kids dive into image editing, typography, branding, logo design, website creation, and the art of making impactful presentations. Let's unwrap creativity together and learn how to beautifully package every ingenious concept!

Adventure Game Creator Camp

For 10-15+ years olds
Epic Stories Come to Life!

In this exciting camp, your child will dive into the world of game creation, learning how to craft their own RPG (Role-Playing Game) from start to finish. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, your child will explore game engines, master graphics and music creation, and delve into character generation. By the end of the camp, they'll proudly take home their very own fully working RPG game, ready to be enjoyed with friends.

Video Production Camp

For 10-15+ years olds
Your child's cinematic journey starts here!

With a focus on video making, film shooting, vlogs, advertisements or reports, our camp offers a dynamic and immersive experience in the world of visual content creation. Who knows? Your kid might just be the next famous film shooter! Join us and watch their creativity unfold as they embark on an exciting adventure in filmmaking.

Digital Illustration Camp for Teens

For 11-13 years olds
Equip Your Young Artists with Tools for Growth!

Join us as campers transition from traditional sketching to dynamic digital animation, utilizing modern tools like Canva or Krita - a professional open-source painting program crafted by artists. Throughout the camp, kids explore art history, color theory, and engage in collaborative group projects. Cap it off with an exhibition for parents, where their remarkable creations take center stage.

Creative Mobile Photo and Video Camp

For 11+ years olds
Shifting from Content Consumption to Creation

Kids learn how to make the most of their mobile phones! They will learn to use easy-to-use editing tools to enhance their image and video content, experimenting with a variety of effects. But it's not just about creating stunning visuals—we also prioritize ethical and secure practices in social video and photo sharing. Campers will gain valuable insights into responsible and safe usage of social media platforms.

3D Design Camp

For 12-15 years olds
If you can dream it, you can build it.

Can you envision the next-generation designer or engineer within your child? From product models to printable parts, 3D design is the first step to realizing great ideas. In our 3D Design camp your child will experience the exhilarating thrill of invention, freely combining their ideas to transform them into tangible creations with Tinkercraft software.

Youtube Studio – Online video production Camp

For 13-16+ years olds
Crafting YouTuve Channels with Purpose

YouTube's diverse array of user-generated content has made it to become the leading online video platform. In our camp, kids learn to create original, valuable content while prioritizing internet security. By the end of the camp, they'll have crafted their own YouTube channels and gained an understanding of the significance of making positive contributions online.