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3D Design Workshop

Our 3D Design, App Creation, Digital Illustration and Minecraft Modding workshops are offered to different age ranges and deal with different topics to make sure you'll find the right one for your child.

Our 3D Design Workshop opens a gateway between the digital and the physical world. Objects and items designed in the virtual space of a computer can later come alive in your hand. With the help of Tinkercad, children will be introduced to the digital design of three-dimensional objects. What happens on the computer might not stay on the computer!

12-15 years old
5 x 90 minutes
In-classroom/ Online


group size: 12


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3D Design Workshop


This workshop will teach students the design and use of virtual 3D shapes, the past and future of 3D printing, and its potential in industry and space exploration. They will learn about its various areas of application, such as furniture design, interior decoration and architecture. The workshop concentrates on software design, but your child can later send his completed 3D objects to a 3D printer or laser cutter – this way, they can literally hold the fruits of their labor in their hand. Students can create a unique character of their own, or a 3D emoji which can adorn a keychain.

Join online one of our free Q&A sessions, where a Logiscool school coordinator will tell you further details about the Logiscool Creative Workshops!

What will your child learn?

The use of Autodesk Tinkercad
The design, creation and exporting of 3D objects
The history and future of 3D printing
Conversion of 3D sketches for use with building blocks. (for example, LEGO sketches)

We recommend this workshop if your child:

Shows an interest in 3D design or 3D modeling.

Would like to learn the use of 3D design techniques and tools that are needed for 3D printing.

Wants to learn about the potential of 3D design.

Would like to create their own work, either for 3D printing or as a hobby: characters, buildings, LEGO blueprints.

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