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Why choose our camps?

Do you want your kids to have fun and learn something new during school holidays? Enroll them in one of the Logiscool camps. We offer awesome camp themes about the most exciting challenges of the digital world – and we’re constantly expanding the pool of topics and technologies so that everyone can find something cool with us. Our skilled and committed trainers have been giving knowledge and great experiences to more than 100,000 students around the world.

Coding camps

Would you like your child to do something useful and cool during the school holidays? At our programming camps, kids can create their own computer games, develop a mobile application, or dive into the mysteries of artificial intelligence. All that through exciting missions and thrilling challenges. Have your child tried coding yet?

Also available online

Android APP

Creating and designing Android applications

Intensive Programming Camp for Beginners (15+)

Anybody can code! Give it a try!
Also available online

Intensive Programming Camp for Beginners (ages 12-14)

Develop your own computer games!
Also available online

Kodu 3D Game Design - Programming

Create your own magical world!
Also available online

Artificial Intelligence

Take a look into the future’s technology

Minecraft camps

At our unique Minecraft camps, kids do more than just playing in Minecraft. While acting as the developers and designers of their favorite blocky realm, our campers improve their logical thinking, programming, and design skills in a fun way.

Also available online

Minecraft Classic

Everything that you love about Minecraft - and even more!
Also available online

Minecraft Design

Create unique skins and incomparable worlds

Minecraft PRO

Minecraft advanced master course

Minecraft – Mars Mission

Conquer the red planet!

Digital camps

At our digital camps, creativity, and visuality take the lead. Creating an adventure game? Cutting videos? Designing a website? At our holiday camps, kids can try it all and so much more. They can even try themselves at creating their own games with the game engine of Roblox.


Youtube Studio – Online video production

Launch your own channel and create cool content!

ROBLOX Game Design

Where players become game creators
Also available online

Video Production

"If you do well, it's a blockbuster, if not so well, it's the bloopers!"

Junior Designer

Get to know a real designer's everyday life!

Adventure Game Creator

The real adventure starts with you