Mom of a little boy, Logiscool Budaörs
My child's knowledge in mathematics has become more stable since attending Logiscool. They're not just randomly pressing keys to shoot things, but actually learning and spending their time productively.

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May Half-term Camps
16 April 2024

Logiscool camps are a compilation of forging new friendships, learning new skills and having lots of fun. Our May half-term are now live! Half -Day 9.30-1.00/Full Day 9.30-3.30pm

  • Lego Spike Adventure - ages 6-9 . Single or multiple bookings available. 28th-31st May - 9.30am-1.00pm. Full day options maybe available
  • Minecraft Camp -ages 7+
  • Roblox Camp -ages 7+
  • Generative AI Camp Camp- ages 9-12

Half day camp £40. Full day £55. Book early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. 10% Early bird booking applied if booked by 30th April 2024. See you there!

Open days for Logiscool Courses- February 2024
19 February 2024

At Logiscool, we are thrilled to offer digital literacy and coding courses from academic years 2+. Logiscool's Digital Discovery courses cover a range of topics which encourage students to become digitally confident in a fun and engaging way. They will also be able to start coding games so they can be exposed to the programming world. For older students in school academic year 5+, our coding courses are a great way to learn to code from BLOX to TEXT. Python, a popular programming language is also taught in a classroom environment for secondary school students. Register for our Open Day and come and see what we can offer your child. Our 45 minute free demo lessons allow parents to ask questions, and students to be introduced into the world of coding, or continue their journey if they already have some coding knowledge. We also offer ONLINE coding courses so that no student misses out on the opportunity to learn vital skills.

26 July 2023
Summer Camps

10 March 2023
Expert predictions on how the tech industry can better support women

12 January 2023
Our 2023 first admission is starting!

10 December 2022
Our Digital Discovery course is the 'Best New Digital Course'!

20 September 2022

30 August 2022
Where can I park?

30 August 2022
What can my child do, if they arrive early?

Meet our Team!

The Marlow School opened its doors in February 2023, welcoming local kids and teens aged 6-18, offering them access to Logiscool's globally proven curriculum. With a range of creative courses designed to offer results, kids are taught and then practice what they learn by creating cool projects. This makes learning more fun. Our aim is to help this generation of kids learn the language of the future and prepare them for career roles in the most effective and rewarding way possible.

Our team is thrilled to offer a diverse selection of camps and workshops, covering everything from app creation and digital illustration to 3D design and Minecraft modding.

In addition, online, we offer students a powerful international community through the MyLogiscool portal where coding competitions, drawing contests and other events are organised throughout the year - our students love it! They contuine developing what they have learnt through the lessons, being active creators of tech, not just passive users.

We want to build bridges and partnerships outside our schools and visit local schools to spread the knowledge of coding and digital literacy to more people. For this, we offer different options of collaborations:

Partake in conferences or talks about different topics related to the digital world, free of charge.

We also offer licensing opportunities to allow schools to incorporate coding in their curriculum.

Our long term goal here in Marlow is to build a Logiscool community, where businesses, parents and schools come together to allow our children to learn together, have fun and make new friends with similar interests, either in person in Logiscool or virtually on MyLogiscool.

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