Mom of a little boy, Logiscool Budaörs
My child's knowledge in mathematics has become more stable since attending Logiscool. They're not just randomly pressing keys to shoot things, but actually learning and spending their time productively.

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Book on to a FREE open day in August
6 July 2023

Book on to a FREE 60-minute session where your child will build their own game. During this session, you will also gain a valuable glimpse into Logiscool and types of course, camps and workshop we offer.

Our 2023 Summer Camps Registration is now open!
5 July 2023

We are excited to welcome kids with a curious mind to our summer camps. For those who haven't tried the Logiscool camps we offer a list of camps they can choose from. For the ones who already joined us in the previous years we have good news: We have several new camps to choose from. Lets start the fun together! 🙂

4 July 2023
We are OFSTED registered. What does this mean for you?

10 December 2022
Our Digital Discovery course is the 'Best New Digital Course'!

20 September 2022

Meet our Team!

Logiscool Wimbledon is excited to be the first to share Logiscool’s globally-recognised recipe for tech success with UK-based children and teenagers. With a range of creative courses designed to offer instant results, and a learning path carefully navigated by expert instructors, we help children aged 6-18 learn the language of the future in the most effective and rewarding way possible.

We are committed to continuing the incredible work that has seen Logiscool evolve into a global presence, with over 160 schools inspiring and entertaining more than 160,000 children worldwide.

By combining a world-class curriculum with an engaging approach, our team aims to peak our students' curiosity, exercise their minds, and potentially help them take their first step towards an exciting and rewarding career in technology.

Based in Wimbledon Park, we offer a diverse selection of camps and workshops, covering everything from app creation and digital illustration to 3D design and Minecraft modding.

With hands-on support from industry experts, and alternative online learning options, we have everything needed to empower students of all ages to learn a topic of interest in a manner that meets their needs.

At Logiscool, we thrive on a passion for technology, creativity, and fun. We take huge satisfaction in welcoming students into a community whereby they can truly harness their imagination, all while discovering new hobbies and new friends.

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