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Summer camps 2022
2023. május 9.

Let's start the summer vacation with fun! This year our urban camps are the best opportunity to make new friends who have the same passions, socializing and spending time outdoors.

Throughout the summer, children will be able to explore interesting and diverse topics: Minecraft, Roblox, Robotics, Video Editing and more.

The urban summer camps take place at the Logiscool Bacău headquarters, between June 13 and September 2.

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2023. január 16.

Early digital education of children is now essential. Basic programming knowledge and digital literacy are necessary in all areas of the future. Come to our free open day online or in person, and with the help of our trainers, you can get to know an exciting new world. Try the Logiscool experience together!

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2022. december 10.
A Digital Discovery kurzusunk hivatalosan is a 'Legjobb Új Digitális Kurzus'!

2022. szeptember 20.

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Here at Logiscool Bacau we are proud to contribute since 2019 to kids education in IT.

We teach kids and teens of 7 – 18 years the joy of computer coding by helping them write their own cool computer animations, games and applications. Our students learn logical thinking, problem solving and process creation.

In a friendly environment, guided by a team of enthusiastic trainers, our students learn computer coding which is a core skill of 21 century.

  • We can see so many things which proves that we are on the right track:
  • We had 600+ of happy scoolers who joined our courses, camps, workshops and many other programs and events and learnt with us.

We had 50+ of camps for them with different interest from video production to robotics.

We are proud of our Logiscool community in Bacau. Our children learn together, have fun together and play together with friends with similar interest, either in person in Logiscool or virtually on MyLogiscool.

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